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images Brother In Law Birthday Cards Birthday Wishes For Brother In Law. irthday wishes for rother.
  • irthday wishes for rother.

  • kumar26fl
    11-27 09:39 AM
    Houston and SanFrancisco usually have delays in renewing passport.

    It took 41 days for mine to get renewed from Houston. The original submitted application was good and no followup was required, still it took 41 days in Houston

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  • gccovet
    08-04 08:51 AM
    Its 66 days yet for me. No email yet.
    So still waiting.
    With you guys getting the cards, i think TSC is abck in business and they will start working on the applications.

    I will keep you posted.

    67 days for me as well (difference is mine in Paper based).
    Still waiting, I will wait for 3 more days, else try to do SR request as suggested.( I need to figure out how to open a SR, though)

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  • extending irthday wishes

  • rkm
    01-21 04:52 PM
    Contributed $20 for this month

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  • irthday quotes for rother

  • Hassan11
    05-02 03:00 PM
    Perm applied 08/07/2006 (EB2 Senior Financial Analyst)
    Perm denied 08/11/2006
    Appeal filed on 09/07/2006

    still waiting to hear from Atlanta


    Birthday Wishes For Brother In Law. irthday wishes for rother in
  • irthday wishes for rother in

  • snathan
    05-07 04:22 PM

    Do we have any action plan and what are we going to do next.


    Birthday Wishes For Brother In Law. irthday wishes for rother in
  • irthday wishes for rother in

  • vkotval
    05-16 03:38 PM
    My wife and I went for the medical examination 1.5 years ago, when we thought we'll be eligible to file shortly. We still have those sealed envelopes. However, the time passed and I understand we need to undergo the exam again for our June filing, correct?

    The first time around my wife had a positive skin test (immunized in childhood) and negative Xray. Back then she was advised to never do the skin test again, as it'll always be positive. So, she'll need to go for an Xray this time. However, she is pregnant, and they don't Xray pregnant women... Is she an exempt then? There gotta be a provision for something like this, right?



    My wife and me went for the medical test today. We had a baby boy a few months back. They didnt do the immunization and skin test for my wife but did the HIV test. They said they would mention the same in 693 document that the test were not done because she is nursing a baby. But this doesnt mean that she is exempted from immunizations and TB test. She would need to come back and do the immunization after 3 months and the doctor would keep a record of it and INS would varify it later with doctor about the test results.


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  • chanduv23
    10-05 03:51 PM
    Please join State Chapters

    2010 extending irthday wishes Birthday Wishes For Brother In Law. Brother In Law Birthday Cards
  • Brother In Law Birthday Cards

  • imh1b
    02-04 04:01 PM
    We should tell our lawyers to post this on their website. Can other Immigration websites post a banner ad about it?


    Birthday Wishes For Brother In Law. I mean, with those well wishes
  • I mean, with those well wishes

  • lvaka
    08-18 11:52 AM
    This morning I spoke to one of the Second level officer to get the SR done as I hit 90 days today, but he rejected saying they can not create as I am still with in the April 16th processing timelines. He wanted me to wait till I get my Eapedited request answered.

    He is saying interim EAD can requested only if the posted processing timelines exceed 30days to our Filed date. Ridiculous. I told him, how does it matter what processing timeline TSC posts!, as per the memo if I have been waiting for more than 90days am allowed to request an Interim EAD.. But he is not ready to listen.. He started saying those processing timelines are created based on the volume, so I am not allowed it seems.. BS... I wish I had told him to increase the GC quota as there is more volume.. brainless ppl.

    They dont even understand what it means to loose the jobs coz of processing delays from USCIS. All the 6 years (H1 B) perid they wanted us to have jobs without any breaks and they dont care now!!

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  • nk29
    04-12 11:58 AM

    we sent EAD renewal applications to Phoenix lockbox on April 6th(paper based filing). Still no updates.

    EAD Renewal applications sent: April 6th
    USCIS notice date: ?
    Check encashed date: ?
    Approval date: ?


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  • A sweet irthday wish for your

  • dingdong12
    11-28 04:09 PM
    I received my new Passport today. Applied by mail at CGI Houston.

    Application RD: Oct 29th, 2007
    Passport Received: Nov 28th, 2007

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  • wishes for rother in law.

  • Lasantha
    04-01 12:12 PM
    Hassan, How did you create this poll?

    Can someone please create a poll for ROW RDs. It should be monthly banded
    between May to Aug 2007.
    I don't find an option for me to create a poll.


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  • Birthday wishes

  • sravani
    05-16 01:10 PM
    Thanks sravani,

    So will the doctor still give me a report even if I don't complete all medical exams?

    Also on a side note, Do you know how long does it take to get the report once the tests are done?


    Yup. The doctor will give you a report with a note in a sealed envelope and you can submit that document when you apply for your 485.

    For me, the physician took 3 days for the report. It depends on the physician I guess, but usually it will not take more than a week to get the report.

    Good luck to you!

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  • p.guptapost
    06-04 02:00 PM

    can we check the status of EAD application without receipt number?


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  • boldm28
    04-09 02:40 PM
    Indians including me (I am still on h1b thanks to retrogression completed 9 yrs in the US ) have this chalta hai attitude

    and if it is not effecting me i dont care and dont want to know about it

    for US Masters/Degree holders

    they fall prey to the so called " DESI consulting companies " just as a last option and the moment they get a good offer they jump and also attending a US/Masters degree program for 2 yrs cant be a justification for "GOOD COMM SKILLS" I have seen MS guys talkin in vernac accent and I have no way of telling who is on h1b or a MS person "

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  • Birthday Cards For Brother

  • eb3retro
    02-02 05:54 PM
    90,000 VISAS

    Our contacts in Washington have told us that there is a growing chance of a bill to recapture as many as 90,000 visas. The language of the draft bill that we've seen calls for a full recapture of the unused visas from 2000-04.

    EVERYONE should contact their Congressman and let them know just how important this is

    The above Email i got from Hammond LLC

    What are you talking about? which bill? what 90,000? Care to explain???


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  • yabadaba
    10-08 10:36 AM
    bharat premi..what are the statistics that you are basing EB2 movement on?

    those who have forgotten, EB2 India was current till the October 2005 bulletin. In 2005 there were a total of 7076 Labor certification via PERM (including EB3 other worker categories) from March 2005 till December 2005.

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  • happy irthday wishes for

  • nojoke
    01-26 02:02 PM
    My interest in the house would be long term investment rather than quality of life. Another point is that most people are unwilling to spend lot of money on rents to get the same QOL. There is emotional element there called (eventual) 'ownership' but that's only emotional. That I don't care about too much.

    If the trend indicates prices are falling this year, I guess people will wait for a year more but at some point people will go ahead, depending on the overall economy start buying because no one can really predict the bottom. At that point, it may even start going up allowing the economy to slowly get back on its feet.
    The trend is certainly clear :(. That 'some point' is far far away and nearly invisible.

    hairstyles A sweet irthday wish for your Birthday Wishes For Brother In Law. My rother in law,
  • My rother in law,

  • tonyHK12
    09-29 11:56 AM
    I saw that. Looks like you are trying to pimp for a lawyer. Learn to stand on your own 2 feet first.

    No I'm not, I am in no way associated with them, and I could care less. Yes I know how to stand on my feet thanks. This is not a time to divide people.
    Any better sugegstions for immigration lawyer then? Or do you just keep trashing other people, without giving any genuine ideas.

    "Could you update your profile before drafting your plan"
    I'm EB2, with approve I-140.

    02-14 08:45 AM
    to go...contribute early for better planning...

    06-08 01:23 PM
    Yup true. In my opinion there would be a bill out of conference. I do not know what the shape of the final bill would be but my hunch is they would atleast discuss this and get something out before Nov.

    Afterall Guest worker program was one of the highly publized event of Pres Bush's 2004 presidential campaign. Which helped him win the race. In Florida and few other states(and few other blue states).

    Congressmen(house and senate) know they are at a greater risk of losing in an election year by not producing a bill than producing one that dissatisfies few conservaties.

    Basically talks about election year politics on this bill.


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